We have a team of professionals that can execute all classic and modern hairstyles. Skin fades, beard fades, beard trim & shape, shaves, designs, kids cuts, seniors, etc. - we got you covered!

Environment is everything. We strive to provide a calm, professional and family friendly environment for clients and guests of all ages. The music is positive and at a low to reasonable volume. Our team is fairly quiet and focused on giving you a great haircut experience.


You will immediately notice the lyrics in the music played, the messages on the screens and the conversations are inspired by our faith in Jesus Christ. A good haircut lasts a week, a good word lasts an eternity. Our hope is that you leave better than you came in..not just your outward appearance, but your inner appearance as well. 


 We were originally stablished as TG Hairstudio in 2009, transformed into TRUGLORY® in 2012 - Our mission is to transform hairstyles and lifestyles.



Since 2012, TRUGLORY has been serving the homeless community. Every month, we give complimentary haircuts to the less fortunate in Hoboken, NJ. We also collection clothing donations to distribute to them as well. If you are interested in donating or serving, please contact us!