Typically when we hear "people in need", we correlate that to someone in need of food, clothes or shelter, right? Well, that's true, but partially. You see, we are ALL in need. Some of us need food, clothes or shelter. Some of us need instructions on how to manage our finances. Some of us need to be taught how and what to eat to have better health. Some of us need marriage counseling, or drug and alcohol rehabilitation, or a good friend to lean on. Some of us just need a quality haircut! Lol. Whatever the "need" is, TRUGLORY's mission is to help meet that need. In the Bible, it says, “Seek God above all else, live righteously, and God will give you everything you need.” (Matthew‬ ‭6:33‬) God promises to provide for our needs, whatever they may be. Since the beginning of time, God has always used willing men & women to carry out his mission. His mission is simple. Love God, love people. He wants to have a personal relationship with you, and he desires for you to love others...without conditions. The best gift we can offer someone is...ourselves! Giving of our time, our talents, abilities, our care and assistance to meet people's needs. That's what "JUSTGIVE", our brand's slogan is all about. However, the real "need" is found way beyond our earthly and physical needs. Our real need is spiritual. It is that void that we have in our soul when we lack a connection to our creator. I've had the privilege to have a personal relationship with God for about 6 years now. My need was met. In 2011, I was contemplating taking my life. I was full of anxiety and panic attacks. I was going through something that made me even question God's existence. Until one day, I called him out. I told him if he truly exists, I'm willing to give him anything he wants of me in return for a genuine relationship with him. I wanted to hear from him. I wanted to know him. I wanted my real NEED to be met! Well, he did just that. For the first time in my life, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that God was real, he loves me and has a purpose for me. Click on "The Brand" in the menu to learn more. In conclusion, the real "need" our brand wants to help you meet is a personal relationship with God. That, my friends, is where you will experience "Tru Glory." To be continued..... 

Haircuts for the homeless.

What a blessing it is to see barbers from different shops coming together to serve the less fortunate. I started doing this many years ago, and it's always been a great feeling, but being able to inspire others to do it with me is far more rewarding. Special thanks to Evan and his team from Shave Bar and TJ with his team from Mr. Freshcut. #JUSTGIVE


The start of a movement..

A few months ago, I shared a vision I have to my pastor at church. My vision is of a large facility center that has many levels consisting of programs and classes based essentially on 4 categories; Faith, Family, Fitness and Finance. The goal of these programs and classes is to inspire and educate people of every culture to embrace a lifestyle of victory. The victorious lifestyle I am referring to is that of which was led by a Man named Jesus. He walked this earth over 2,000 years ago, taught an inner circle group of people how to obtain peace, joy and fulfillment. He led by example with acts of serving, unconditional love, truth and kindness. This lifestyle center will have housing units attached to it for people in need. The requirement for having a room here will be working within the center and going through all the programs. We will identify their gifts & talents, and when they are well seasoned structurally from our programs, we will bring in companies who are looking to hire competent people. There will be a TG Hairstudio on the first level, servicing the people in need as well as the public. A portion of the haircuts profits will go towards the needs of this facility center to further improve and help people in need. There will also be a TG Apparel store which will be open to the public. All profit will be used for the development of this center. The residents of the center will be given TG apparel for free due to the generous donations from you and willing investors. Now, what does the picture of the YMCA in Paterson I posted here have anything to do with this vision? When I shared my vision with pastor, he connected me with a man named Gerard who is one of the people in charge at the YMCA in Paterson, which houses over 200 homeless people. The most in Passaic county, and more than any other YMCA in the world I believe. When we had a chance to meet, we instantly connected. Gerard has a goal to bring the YMCA back to its roots which was founded on core christian principles. Gerard gathered a group of men who live at the Y in Paterson and are serious about making a change for the better. Tonight was the second meeting I've attended and I am excited to be learning so much about what it takes to help people develop. I am driven to help Gerard and the YMCA Paterson to change the culture and bring this location back to the organizations roots. I believe that in showing my support and helping however I can, I will be one step closer to making my vision a reality. I live to serve. My heart is to give. My role-model is most definitely Jesus. If you have a heart to serve and help others and would love to lock arms with me in this movement, please email me. 

- TG  

Happy New Year!

With the new year, we are adding some new features to our site. This section will keep you posted with any changes or additions to our prices, any events we will be hosting and even some blog posts from our owner Tito Garcia. Some new updates for this year are:

Credit Card price is down to $1

Weekly Clients receive a $5 discount

Stay tuned for more updates!